RTM 8-Channel Direct Sampling 1-Channel Vector Modulator

The DRTM-DS8VM1 is a 8+2-channel feed through RTM for direct sampling applications combined with a high frequency single channel vector modulator. It iscompliant to the MTCA.4 standard and the Reartransition module (RTM) interface is Class A1.1 compliant.
Eight feed through channels are configured as ACcoupled and two channels are configured as DCcoupled. The signals can be interfaced to a Class A1.1 compatible AMC digitizer board. The ADC clock and RF reference input signals can be sourced externally from the front panel as well as internally from an RF-backplane. An on-board PLL/VCO can be used for ultra-low jitter clock generation.
The module features on-board power level monitors and user I2C interfaces for communication and diagnostics.

Main Features
  • Double-width MTCA.4 Rear-transition module (RTM)
  • Class A1.1 compatible
  • 8 analog input channels (5 to 400MHz*) with phase resolution of 0.050°at 400MHz
  • 2 analog input channels (DC to 400MHz*) with phase resolution of 0.05°at 400MHz
  • One high frequency vector modulator channel (0.05 to 6.0GHz) with modulation bandwidth from DC to 50MHz
  • ADC clock and RF reference from front panel or RF-backplane (optional)
  • On board:
    • Power level monitors
    • User I2C support
    • RoHS compliant
    • Options: RF-backplane support

DESY offers the DRTM-DS8VM1 for licensing to industry. DESY can modify this product to meet special customer requirements.
Licensee of the DRTM-DS8VM1 is Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH, www.struck.de.


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