Our Components

DESY constantly develops universal and dedicated products for its MicroTCA systems. Through licensing programmes, these products are available for external customers and have been used in many other industrial and research facilities. The product range covers AMC, RTM and FMC cards.

Get an overview of the available MicroTCA components developed by DESY and the MicroTCA Technology Lab.

Our Services

The MicroTCA Technology Lab offers a wide range of services including hardware and firmware developement, test services, design services, consulting and equipment rental. It provides an open lab space available for customers and anyone who is interested in the technology.

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Our Partners

We collaborate with strong partners to provide high-end test and development services.

Find out more about the facilities and official partners of the MicroTCA Technology Lab.

About microTCA...

MicroTCA (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) is an electrical and mechanical open standard for managed, compact, modular and high-realiability electronic boards.
MicroTCA.4 is an enhancement of this open standard and was developed by DESY and several other research institutes and industrial partners. The aim was to allow the realisation of high-performance analog function blocks along with powerful digital electronics.
The advantages of MicroTCA are its high modularity and reliability along state-of-the art digital technologies supporting PCIe, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed interconnects.
MicroTCA.4 has rapidly evolved to become a viable standard for demanding applications in large-scale research facilities e.g. particle accelerators, high-energy physics, plasma fusion sources and many more.
Industries with a keen interest in fully managed, compact, modular and reliable computing performance (e.g. medical technology and industrial process control) are currently evaluating MicroTCA.4 as an alternative.

About the Lab...

The MicroTCA Technology Lab is one of seven Innovation Labs funded by the Helmholtz Association. DESY together with partners has created this User Innovation Lab.
In a show-room we are able to demonstrate major boards and systems for potential users of this technology. For existing users of the technology we offer lab space with high-end measurement equipment where we can test, verify and debug products under development together with the customer. Along with hardware development, the Lab has a strong focus on FPGA fimware development. This allows us to offer firmware design services as well as complete system integration projects.

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