10 GigE Vision® Processing

Learn more about our FPGA/SoC-based system to operate GigE Vision® cameras: DIPC-7050

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Gravitationswellen-forschung mit DESY-Know-how

MicroTCA Technology Lab im Quantum-Universe-Cluster bekommt Förderung zur Teilnahme an ESA-Weltraummission

Product Announcement

Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC based Dual FMC/FMC+ Carrier Board ideally suited for JESD applications and with RTM class D1.1 support.

Product Announcement

Cost-Optimized IO Controller Board with one FMC socket and full Class D1.1 RTM connectivity.

MMC Stamp

If you're developing your own MicroTCA boards you might be interested in our Module Management Controller Stamp solution.

The MMC Stamp is a fully integrated pre-programmed solder-in LGA module that handles all IPMI management tasks.

Measurement and Test Services

With our high-end measurement equipment we offer technical consulting and high precision diagnostics for your hardware challenges.

About MicroTCA...

MicroTCA (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) is an electrical and mechanical open standard for managed, compact, modular and high-reliability electronic boards.

Main advantages of MicroTCA are its high modularity and reliability along state-of-the art digital technologies supporting PCIe Gen.3, 10G and 40G Ethernet and other high-speed interconnects.

MicroTCA.4 has rapidly evolved to become a viable standard especially for mixed-signal applications in particle accelerators, high-energy physics, plasma fusion sources and many more.

For industries with a keen interest in fully managed, compact, modular and reliable computing performance MicroTCA is the platform to trust on!

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