Measurement and Test Services
Measurement and Test Services

In our Lab we offer measurements with the following equipment:

  • 80 GSPS / 20 GHz real-time oscilloscope
  • 20 GHz vector network analyzer
  • 20 GHz signal- and spectrum analyzers
  • 28 Gbps FPGA-based bit error test pattern generators
  • Various probes (single ended and differential) with spring-loaded tips, solder-in connection or coaxial connection
  • Custom test adapters for PCIe, MicroTCA and / or SFP+
  • Differential time-domain reflectometer (< 65ps rise time)
  • Protocol analyzers

Offered test services:

  • Measurement and qualification of signal integrity (based on eye diagrams) of all standard serial interfaces
  • Waveform measurements and eye diagrams of PCIe up to Gen.4 , USB 3.1, SATA 6G, etc.
  • Identification of signal integrity issues and optimization together with the customer, e.g. for PCI express.
  • Consulting on signal integrity, board materials and board design during development

Our profound experience enables us to find mistakes in your hardware design early and thus averts cost intensive hardware iterations.

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