NICA Overview

The Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAсility NICA is a new particle accelerator complex at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research near Moscow, Russia to study properties of dense baryonic matter. Heavy ions will be accelerated up to kinetic energies of 4.5 GeV per nucleon and protons up to 12.6 GeV. NICA colliders will be able to create a special state of matter in which our Universe stayed shortly after the Big Bang – the Quark-Gluon Plasma.

Picture source: © Nikita Sidorov

MicroTCA Light Ion Injector for NICA

The superconducting accelertor Nuclotron feeds ions to the collider ring via two injectors, heavy ion HILAC and light ion LILAC.
The LILAC injector provides light ions of mass-to-charge ratio up to 3, as well as polarized protons with a pulsed RF operation at 162.5 MHz.

Test assembly of the injector low level RF system at DESY with the components:

1) MicroTCA Crate
2) External CPU
3) Master Oscillator

LILAC Injector Low Level RF Control

MicroTCA Technology Lab provides the low level RF control system for the LILAC injector. Each cavity is controlled by a individual single cavity regulation with dedicated solid state amplifier and tuner motors for resonance control.

Our turnkey solution includes also training and support for the software and firmware systems.