We offer basic and advanced MTCA trainings at your company or at our facilities on the DESY campus.

Measurement and Test Services

With our high-end measurement equipment we are able to do high precision measurements for you. If you are interested to know what is possible, read about our measurement equipment here.

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LLRF Systems

DESY has gained strong expertise in design and set-up of MTCA.4 based LLRF systems, including digital single cavity as well as full accelerator LLRF systems. DESY and the team of the MicroTCA Technology Lab has and is cooperating with many facilities and partners in order to implement several LLRF projects. A selection of projects is displayed here.

Design Service and Development

The MicroTCA Technology Lab also offers the development of customer oriented hardware, firmware and software. Thus we are able to deliver ready to use systems to our customers.


In cooperation with PowerBridge Computer Vertriebs GmbH we offer MTCA starter kits for rental. Our rental portfolio enables you to start with MTCA without major investments. You are able to test MTCA in your own environment. Learn more about it.

Providing Lab Space

The MicroTCA Technology Lab has different laboratories, work and test spaces available which can be used by our customers. These spaces are located in close neighbourhood to the DESY section MSK, which allows users to interconnect with experts and benefit from their professional knowledge.


Our Services also include consulting and technical support. We assist your company or research facility in bringing the MTCA system into service. Also we support you in solving technical problems of single components or problems due to the interoperability of different components. If needed we will find indiviual solutions adapted to your specific problem.