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MicroTCA (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) is an electrical and mechanical open standard for managed, compact, modular and high-reliability electronic boards.

Main advantages of MicroTCA are its high modularity and reliability along state-of-the art digital technologies supporting PCIe Gen.3, 10G and 40G Ethernet and other high-speed interconnects.

MicroTCA.4 has rapidly evolved to become a viable standard especially for mixed-signal applications in particle accelerators, high-energy physics, plasma fusion sources and many more.

For industries with a keen interest in fully managed, compact, modular and reliable computing performance MicroTCA is the platform to trust on!

FRUGY - FRU Generator YAML

FRU records are used by MicroTCA components to describe themselves to the system. MicroTCA Tech Lab has developed and open-sourced FRUGY, a FRU generator to build these records from a YAML configuration file. Although DESY MMC Stamp comes pre-programmed with a FRU, FRUGY can be used to customize FRUs for your custom boards based on the MMC Stamp. FRUGY can also be used to generate a FRU for RTMs, compatible with DAMC-FMC1Z7IO and DAMC-FMC2ZUP.

Zone 3 Pin Recommendation

The Zone 3 connector in the MicroTCA.4 standard connects the Advanced-Mezzanine Card (AMC) module and the Rear-Transition Module (RTM). MicroTCA.4 defines the management on the Zone 3 connector and provides enough freedom to the designers to use an application-specific pin assignment for an AMC and RTM pair.

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