RTM 4 channel Piezo driver

The 4-channel Piezo Driver is a general purpose Rear Transition Module (RTM) board compliant to the MTCA.4 standard. The module supports simultaneous driving and sensing of 4 piezo elements that can be used as actuators and sensors. The actuator and sensor functionality can be exchanged remotely using relayswitches. Driving signal is grounded whenever interlock signal is active. Small signal bandwidth of the piezo driver is in ragne of 80 kHz when driving pure capacitance load of order of 1 μF with output voltage signal level of order of 0.5 Vpp. Piezoelectric elements can be powered using unipolar or bipolar power supply provided internal or externally.
RTM-μPZT4 module offers sampling rate of driving and sensing circuits up to 200 kSPS per channel. The most critical circuits are monitored using general purpose ADCs and temperature sensors. The rear transition management is compliant to the latest recommendation MMC V1.0.

Main Features
  • Double width MTCA.4, Rear-Transition Module (RTM), Class D1.[0..2] compatible
  • Supports 4-channel Piezo Drivers and Piezo Sensors
  • SSBW ~ 80 kHz, CL=1 μF, Vo=0.5 Vpp
  • Digital monitoring of input, output voltage and output current
  • Remotely switchable actuator and sensor functionality
  • Unipolar: (0 to +100) V and bipolar: (±100) V piezo power supplies
  • Interlock signal support
  • RoHS compliant
  • Options:
    • Stand alone or AMC operation
    • Low pass frequency range (1 kHz, 50 kHz,100 kHz, 150 kHz)
    • Laser oscillator or Piezo tuner
    • External or internal piezo power supply

DESY can modify this product to meet special customer requirements. If you are interested in getting further information or purchasing the board, please contact us!


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