Mobile GPU Carrier

The DESY DRTM-MXC is a solution to add MXM™ mobile GPU modules to a MicroTCA system. The carrier is designed specifically for the RTM slot of any Concurrent® AM900 or AM G6x CPU module. It offers two display port connectors routed to the MXM™ module and two USB3.0 connectors routed to the CPU module.

The board supports full width and speed of the CPU PCIe extension, which is Gen 3 (8 GT/s) x8.

The user can select between three power sources: Internal power input, external rear panel power input and Zone 2 power input (RTM Backplane). This allows to select between low-power GPU modules that can be supplied directly from the AMC CPU module or high-performance GPU modules where power is provided via an external power supply. In this case, the cooling demand of the module is increased and requires increased heat dissipation at the respective slot. For this reason, a large heat sink is provided that is fabricated with an embedded copper core for optimal heat transfer from GPU chip to the large aluminum block. (Cooling capabilities depend on the selected crate and its population with other modules.)

  • Allows installation of mobile GPU cards (MXM™) in MicroTCA.4
  • External or internal power supply options
  • Designed for Concurrent® AM900 and AM G6x AMC CPU modules
  • All standard MXM™ modules are supported
  • Mid-Size MicroTCA.4 RTM form factor
  • Supports MXM3.x cards of type A and B
  • PCIe Gen 3 (8 GT/s) x8 connectivity
  • Space-saving solution for GPU installation in MTCA
  • Allows machine learning (CUDA™, TensorFlow etc.)
  • Two display port connectors
  • Internal (30W) or external power input* (12V-19V up to 190W)
  • Zone 2 (RTM Backplane) power input support
  • Power source can be selected via DIP switches
  • Large heat sink with copper core for optimized heat dissipation
  • MXM™ GPU modules can be installed by the user
  • Two USB 3.0 connectors routed to CPU on AMC
  • Linux and Windows® support (standard GPU driver integration)

* proprietary solution

MXM™ and CUDA™ are registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies.

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