RTM 8 Channel Down-Converter 1 Channel Up-Converter

The DRTM-DWC8VM1 is a combined high frequency eight channel down- and single channel upconversion RTM compliant with the MTCA.4 standard. The unit covers the L and S-band. The down-conversion offers an excellent rms amplitude and phase short-term stability of typ. <0.005% and <10fs in the range of 10Hz to 1MHz.
Each intermediate frequency output of the downconversion is available differential at the RTM Zone 3 connector. The differential up-converter baseband drive signals (In-phase and Quadrature) have to be provided through the RTM Zone 3 connector. The signals can be supported by Class A1.1 compatible AMC digitizer board. The DRTM-DWC8VM1 offers switchable front-end power level attenuators for an accurate full-scale operation of AMC digitizers. The unit supports LO, ADC-clock, and reference input signals externally from the front panel as well as internally from an RFbackplane. The module offers on board power level monitors and user I2C interface for general purpose. In addition the board provides two broadband DC input channels to the AMC digitizers.

Main Features
  • Double width MTCA.4 Rear-transition module (RTM) Class A1.1 compatible
  • 8 channel high frequency down-conversion from 700MHz to 4.0GHz Intermediate frequency range: 5-100MHz Short-term AM, PM stability <0.005%, <10fs
  • 2 analog DC channels (DC..600MHz)
  • 1 channel high frequency up-conversion from 700MHz to 6.0GHz Modulation bandwidth: DC-50MHz
  • Adjustable high-frequency input and output attenuators
  • Local oscillator, ADC-Clock, and Reference from front panel or RF-backplane
  • On board:
    • Power level monitors
    • User I2C support
  • RoHS compliant
  • Options:
    • RF-backplane support
    • Channel isolation enhancement
    • Extended frequency range

DESY offers the DRTM-DWC8VM1 for licensing to industry. DESY can modify this product to meet special customer requirements.
Licensee of the DRTM-DWC8VM1 is Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH, www.struck.de.


Location: /afs/desy.de/group/msk/www/html/TechLab/DRTM-DWC8VM1