MTCA.4 RF-Backplane

The Radio Frequency Backplane (RF-Backplane) is an optional capability extension for MTCA.4 chassis. It ensures full compatibility with existing MTCA.4 crates. The unit is a passive RTM backplane suited for interconnection of high-precision RF and clock signals. It delivers a high-performance and managed analog power supply for RTMs and the newly defined extended RTMs (eRTM). The high-frequency signal distribution network operates in DC to 6 GHz band.
The MCH-RTM Backplane Management Module (MCH-RTM-BM) together with on-board RF-Backplane connectivity ensure system management functionality, which is needed to support up to 12 RTMs, 3 eRTMs and 2 RTM-PMs (RTM Power Modules). In addition the unit can operate in cost efficient configuration scenarios, where no RTM-Power Module is used. In those scenarios there is only needed a limited amount of power for the rear side.
The RF-Backplane can be mounted in a 9U chassis and it includes a dedicated shielding board which protects against electromagnetic interferences induced by the AMC backplane. Furthermore the signal integrity of the design has been well studied and optimized to achieve best performance.

Main Features
  • Can be mounted in selected commercially available 9U chassis, for example 19 inch 12-slot crate from Pentair/ELMA
  • High-frequency signals distribution in range of DC to 6 GHz (27 single ended channels, star topology)
  • Provides low-noise separated analog bipolar power distribution (+VV, -VV) for RTMs and unipolar power distribution (PP) for eRTMs
  • Interfaces for up to 12 RTMs with Zone 3 connectors
  • Interfaces for 3 eRTMs
  • System Management functionality (support for MCH-RTM-BM)
  • Interfaces for 2 redundant RTM Power Modules
  • Data communication links to eRTM boards (3 LVDS links per slot)
  • RF-Backplane ground can be connected to/isolated from chassis ground (with screws)
  • Delivers additional power from dedicated rear power supplies to RTM boards

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DESY can modify this product to meet special customer requirements. If you are interested in getting further information or purchasing the board, please contact us!