DESY MMC System on Module

The DESY MMC System on Module is a small stamp-sized (25x29x2.3 mm) component which can be mounted on top or bottom side of any AMC card.
The stamp provides a complete hardware and firmware solution to manage the target board including power system, FPGAs and RTM.
For basic operation no external components are required (except handle and LEDs). The module also provides complete JTAG arbitration for up to two FPGAs and two FMC modules. It allows JTAG access to all user components over the on-board connector or the MTCA backplane (JSM support).
A fully assembled breakout board with the following features is available:
• 1/3 AMC format, compatible with MTCA.4 and MTCA.0
• RTM connector (Zone 3)
• DC/DC converter with PMBUS manager
• Serial FLASH chip (image for payload FPGA)
• USB connector for command-line access (Virtual COM port)
• All LGA module pins are accessible on breakout section

Main Features
  • Full IPMI handling (MCH communication, LEDs, AMC/RTM power, FRU read/write)
  • On-board 2kBit EEPROM (FRU) and unique ID
  • Complete AMC power management via PMBUS
  • Board failure handling (over-current, over-temperature)
  • Supports two FPGA interfaces (custom interface voltage: 1.2V - 3.3V) including IPMI firmware update
  • Control of up to two FMC modules
  • Re-configurable JTAG chain management
  • USB virtual COM port for MMC and FPGAs
  • Includes pre-programmed MMC firmware
  • Starter kit available
DESY MMC System on Module - Breakout Board

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If you are interested in purchasing the stamp or the breakout board, please contact us!