Configure your MTCA system according to your demands and specifications.

GigE Vision Solutions

High performance FPGA based image processing solutions using GigE Vision standard.


AMC boards (Advanced Mezzanine Card) are part of the MTCA.4 standard.Within the mTCA crate, AMCs are placed in the front of the crate. There are six standard sizes of AMCs: single and double width as well as compact, mid-size and full-size height. Every combination of width and height is valid. the power consumption of an AMC is divided into 3.3V management power plus 12V payload power.Main feature is also the hot-swap-panel which allows to exchange the board while the system is running.


FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) is a standard defining I/O mezzanine cards and corresponding carrier boards. Huge ecosystem of carrier boards, both in MicroTCA format and standalone boards, provides a good prototyping platform, suitable for experimental physics and industrial applications. The FMC mezzanine format provides additional degree of modularity for a lot of I/O applications, such as ADC and DAC boards, or communications boards.


RTMs, the rear-transition-modules are merely analogue processing modules, which are placed in the back of the MTCA crate. The RTMs are connected via the Zone 3 connector to the AMCs in the front of the crate.

Module Management Controller

MMC is our self developed management solution for the MicroTCA.4 boards.

Other Products

Other MTCA.4 products developed by DESY.