Software Development Kit for the DMMC-STAMP

The DESY MMC Stamp is shipped with pre-programmed firmware.
The code base of the pre-installed firmware has been maintained for more than 10 years and is a key component in multiple hundreds of boards installed at DESY and other facilities which need reliable 24/7 operation.
Recent MicroTCA hardware developments base on the DMMC-STAMP System-on-Module. A dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK) is available, that allows implementation of custom functions with minimum need for non-board specific firmware coding. Using the DESY MMC Libraries enables the whole set of hardware features of the DMMC-STAMP. Useful features like custom I2C sensor readout over IPMI (e.g. temperatures or AMC/RTM power status signals) and remote debugging functions (like remote access to UART debug consoles of MMC and on-board FPGAs over IPMI) become available out-of-the-box. User programmable components on the board like FPGAs or CPLDs can be upgraded in-field without connecting any external programmers. The SDK provides a clear separation between the common codebase (MMC Library) and customers board specific implementations. Firmware adaption for newly developed boards is possible with minimal effort. DESY MMC firmware comes with a specified build environment using Docker®. It is CMake based, VS Code® integrated and supports CI build without using any third-party development tools.

  • DESY API to reduce custom MMC firmware development to a minimum
  • Platform-independent development environment with support for continuous integration
  • Simple bring-up procedures without programming adapters
  • Telemetry and remote debugging by using the whole feature set of the DMMC-STAMP
  • Command Line Interface over IPMI
  • Maintained by DESY
DESY - Module Management Controller
  • Straight-forward firmware development: CMake based, VS Code® integrated and CI build via Docker®
  • High-level API for board-specific customization
  • Clear separation between MMC library and user firmware
  • Remote debugging of connected FPGA, FMC and RTM components via JTAG Multiplexer
  • Firmware upgrade of on-board components via standard PICMG HPM protocol over IPMI
  • IPMI sensor readout for various parameters
DESY MMC SDK Building Blocks
Visual Studio Code® Integration
FRUGY - FRU Generator YAML

MicroTCA Tech Lab has developed and open-sourced FRUGY, a FRU generator to build records from a YAML configuration file. Although DESY MMC Stamp comes pre-programmed with a FRU, FRUGY can be used to customize FRUs for your custom boards based on the DMMC Stamp. FRUGY can also be used to generate a FRU for RTMs, compatible with DAMC-FMC1Z7IO and DAMC-FMC2ZUP.

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Remote Debugging using the MicroTCA Infrastructure

This is a tool that creates HPM.1 firmware update files to be used by a HPM.1 updater such as ipmitool hpm upgrade.
It can be used with DMMC-STAMP based AMC boards to facilitate in-system-upgrade of various components (MMC, CPLDs, FPGAs) over IPMI.