MTCA Workshop for Industry and Research

On 1 - 3 December 2020, the 9th MTCA Workshop for Industry and Research took place at DESY.
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22nd Virtual IEEE Real Time Conference 2020

We invite you to join the MicroTCA TechLab latest Product Information Pitch on Wednesday, 14.10.2020 from 15:15 till 15:25.

You are also welcome to meet us at our Virtual Vendor Booth of the Virtual Industrial Exhibit on the following times:
Monday 12. Oct:16:00-17:00 GMT
Tuesday 13. Oct:16:00-16:45 GMT
Wednesday 14. Oct:16:00-16:45 GMT
Thursday 15. Oct:15:30-16:10 GMT
Friday 16. Oct:09:35-10:15 GMT
Monday 19. Oct:09:20-10:00 GMT
Tuesday 20. Oct:09:05-09:45 GMT

Feel free contact to request additional meeting times.

Personal customer contact and vendor pitches are held via Zoom video communications.

MicroTCA Technology Lab at Embedded World 2020

From February 25th to 27th the MicroTCA Technology Lab was part of the PICMG booth at the Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Photon Science User Meeting 2020 - Industrial Exhibition

Visit us at our exhibition booth K30 on 31th January 2020.

8th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research at DESY

With more than 190 participants from 17 countries, the 8th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research has again been the highlight of the year for MicroTCA developers, suppliers and users alike.
The now well-known format of the event included seven sessions with 40 short presentations (including several keynotes on topics of general interest), an industry exhibition, a comprehensive pre-workshop program as well as tours of DESY and a conference dinner on the MS Hanseatic.
Noteworthy progress has been reported on the Future of MicroTCA. A working group is now being established under the auspices of PICMG with a view to providing more power and increasing internal system bandwidth.
The workshop also saw several contributions from China, where this year the first major MicroTCA event sparked a lot of interest. All presentations can be downloaded from our archive ( The next workshop will take place on December 1-3, 2020.

International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (ICALEPCS)

From 05 - 11 October 2019, this conference takes place in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

The MicroTCA Technology Lab will present latest developments at the industrial exhibition at a joint booth with N.A.T.

A comprehensive pre-workshop program on MicroTCA provided an update on the current devlopment of the standard and its multiple applications at facilities around the world:

  • 25 years of open PICMG standards: benefits for industry and research
  • MicroTCA.4 status and developments
  • MicroTCA management
  • MicroTCA activities in KEK and J-PARC
  • MicroTCA at XFEL / DESY
  • Open Source Universal PCIe Driver for MicroTCA.
  • FPGA developments in MicroTCA
  • MTCA.4 in CERN Accelerators

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Photon Science User Meeting - satellite meeting 2019

The MicroTCA Technology Lab organized a Satellite Meeting at the Photon Science Users' Meeting.

This Satellite Meeting informed Photon Science users and beamline scientists about the electronics standard MicroTCA, which has been established as a technology of choice for beam control and beam diagnostics in many facilities around the world.

Since this standard is also applicable to equipment for beam experiments (for example in fast data acquisition systems) the speakers introduced this new community to the general concept and the main advantages of MicroTCA in comparison to other standards.

Agenda Satellite Meeting
Talks Satellite Meeting on MTCA 2019-01-24

The MicroTCA Technology Lab also had a booth at the Industrial Exhibition of the Photon Science Users' Meeting, on the 25th January 2019.

MTCA/ATCA Workshop in China 2019

From 23 - 25 June a MTCA/ATCA workshop took place at IHEP in Beijing, China.

The Workshop's purpose was to promote and coordinate development of MTCA/ATCA standard and system in China.

The workshop brought scientists from different sectors together, such as

  • accelerator sciences,
  • plasma fusion,
  • nuclear instruments,
  • high energy physics,
  • photon science and
  • large laser facilities.

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MicroTCA Technology Lab at Embedded World 2019

From February 27th to March 1st, the MicroTCA Technology Lab was part of the PICMG booth at the Embedded World in Nuremberg.

MTCA Workshop for Industry and Research

On 5 - 6 December 2018 the 7th MTCA Workshop for Industry and Research took place at DESY.
Furhter information can be found under https//
The talks can be downloaded at Indico.

Thank you all for being here!
  ... and please save the date: the 8th MTCA workshop is coming up at 4 - 5 December 2019!

Workshop for Beamline Scientists and Engineers

On 9 October 2018 a workshop on beamline instrumentation takes place at DESY. The workshop was organized in cooperation of CAEN ELS and the MicroTCA Technology. Further information can be found under

MTCA pre-workshop at IBIC '18

At IBIC '18 in Shanghai, Powerbridge Computer Vertriebs GmbH has organized a satellite meeting concerning MicroTCA. The event was backed up by different companies and research facilities: the presenters came from CAEN ELS, DESY, European XFEL, N.A.T., nVent, SINAP and Struck GmbH. The event took place in a small church in Shanghai and was very successful: About 40 participants showed tremendous interest in the standard.

The presentations of the satellite meeting can be downloaded here.