DIPC-7050 GigE Vision Stack

The DIPC-7050 GigE Vision Stack is a system architecture for operating GigE Vision standard compliant cameras in a FPGA/SoC- based environment. It provides several functionalities in firmware and software for operating devices in a modular and customizable way, and it is usable in wide array of applications.
One of the main advantages is having cameras image data stream directly in programmable logic using the AXI4-Stream Video protocol. In this way users are able to run their own high performance image processing operations immediately in hardware with multiple instances in parallel.

Building Blocks

DIPC-7050 comes with two IP modules for running GigE Vision Standard related functions as well as up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfacing between programmable logic and connected devices. These cores are implemented with further infrastructure functionality blocks related to Xilinx Vivado Design Suite.
Appropriate controller software for on-chip register configuration runs as a command server. Applications on software side are optional. If used they can be connected to command server via a TCP/IP socket.

System Architecture
  • Support for Xilinx 7-series, Zynq, UltraScale and UltraScale+ devices
  • AXI4 compliant interfaces
  • Synchronization between camera devices using IEEE1588 or external trigger
  • Support for x86 and ARM architectures
  • Reference implementation for Xilinx Evaluation (KCU116) board is available
  • Separate documentation for Users and Developers available

If you are interested in purchasing the DIPC-7050 GigE Vision Stack or in getting more information, please contact us!