List of MTCA.4 Manufacturers

AIES Advanced Industrial Electronic Systems

Lotz, Poland

  • MicroTCA, AdvancedTCA, PXI/PXIe
  • Compact RIO hardware design
  • Data Acquisition and Control systems
  • Manufacturer of AMC and RTM modules for data and image acquisition
  • Data transmission
  • System Integration
  • Firmware/Software Development and Debugging

AMPEGON AG (formerly Thomson Broadcast)

Turgi, Switzerland

  • SW/ MW transmitters and broadcast antennas
  • DRM equipment and broadcast control systems
  • RF amplifiers for scientific applications
  • High-voltage power supplies
  • Digital Low-level RF
  • Photovoltaic power plants


Trieste, Italy

  • Operates in a highly specialized international market with main focus on dedicated solutions for the particle accelerator community and high-end industrial applications
  • Leading company in the design of state-of-the-art complete electronic systems and advanced power supplies for the Physics research world
  • Customization of standard products and brand new solutiuons - i.e. hardware, firmware and software - in order to match the specific application

CommAgility Limited

Loughborough, UK

  • Manufacturer of signal processing AMC modules for wireless and other DSP/FPGA applications
  • Modules combine flexible interfaces including analogue RF, Texas Instruments DSPs and Xilinx FPGAs, with high bandwidth on and off-card communications using Serial RapidIO, PCI Express and Ethernet
  • Targeted at high performance applications including test equipment, trial systems and R&D

Concurrent Technologies Plc.

Colchester, UK

  • Developing a wide range of high performance Single Board Computer products based on Intel® CPU technology, for use in critical embedded applications

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

Hamburg, Germany

  • Develops, builds and operates particle accelerators for high-energy physics and research with photons
  • Dedicated development group for ultra-high speed digital electronics covering analog and digital signal processing
  • Primary development goal: modular RF control system based on MicroTCA.4 for normal and superconducting accelerators ranging from 10MHz-6GHz

Digital Power Corporation

Fremont, CA, USA

  • Distributor of Telkoor power supplies in the Americas


Berlin, Germany

  • Represents Nutaq in Germany
  • DSP solutions for audio, intercom and measuring technology

Elma Trenew Electronic GmbH

Pforzheim, Germany

  • Global manufacturer of electronic packaging products for the embedded systems market
  • Components, storage boards, backplanes and chassis platforms
  • Fully integrated subsystems
  • Enclosure solutions
  • Precision components: rotary switches/encoders, front panels, LEDs

EMCOMO Solutions AG

Neu-Ulm, Germany

  • Value-added reseller and distributor of world leading manufacturers of boards and systems like Aitech and Vadatech
  • System integrator

GOMA Elettronica SpA

Torino, Italy

  • Producer and distributor of embedded integrated systems for defence, transport, industry and research


Hytec Electronics Ltd.


Reading, United Kingdom

  • Control and data acquisition systems
  • Analog and digital instrumentation for industry and research
  • Operating system drivers
  • Consulting and system design

Interface Concept

Quimper, France

  • European designer and manufacturer of electronic embedded systems
  • Ethernet Switches and IP Routers
  • Intel and PowerPC CPU, FPGA Front End Processing Modules, GPU modules
  • Open Communication Gateways

IOxOS Technologies

Gland, Switzerland

  • Provider of hardware platforms for accelerators and large experimental physics control systems
  • MicroTCA.4 comprehensive product line of FPGA-based FMC carriers and high-performance digitizers
  • FMC modules for data acquisition (ADC, DAC and Digital I/O)
  • FPGA Design Kits based on Network on Chip (NoC) interconnect architecture
  • EPICS integration

I-TECH Instrumentation Technologies d.d.

Solkan, Slovenia

  • Electron beam position monitoring
  • Photon beam position monitoring
  • Hadron phase and position processors
  • Clock and trigger signal distribution systems
  • Digital RF stabilization systems
  • RF signal and clock generators
  • Signal converters and RF gates


MicroLAB Systems


Moscow, Russia

  • Multiple new AMC boardswith DSP, FPGA and FMC
  • official distributors for N.A.T.


N.A.T. Gesellschaft für Netzwerk- und Automatisierungs-Technologie GmbH


Bonn, Germany

  • High performance connectivity products for data and telecommunication
  • Interface modules and embedded solutions for LAN and WAN
  • Protocol stack solutions


Quebec City, Canada

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) boards and systems
  • Design services
  • OEM products


Geneva, Switzerland

  • Design and Manufacturing in Switzerland
  • Specialized in AMC and XMC designs with Xilinx Zynq family devics
  • Full customization service upon request

Piezotechnics GmbH

Ottobrunn, Germany

  • Piezo Driver Electronics

  • MTCA.4 piezo driver board
  • Piezo Actuators - customized and standard solutions

powerBridge Computer Vertriebs GmbH

Burgwedel, Germany

  • Vendor of computer boards, systems and displays
  • Computer systems design and integration based on standard components and Windows, Linux, and real-time operating systems
  • Systems manufacturing and OEM solutions
  • Consulting and development services
  • Drivers, protocols and protocol integration

Schroff GmbH (Pentair Group)

Straubenhardt, Germany

  • Cabinets, wall-mounted enclosures, table top and tower cases, 19" chassis and subracks
  • Module components and system integration
  • Power supplies
  • Backplanes and test adapters
  • Climate control products
  • Socket strips

Signal Processing Devices Sweden AB (SP Devices)

Linköping, Sweden

  • Ultra-high performance A/D conversion solutions for cellular base station transceiver (BST) applications, digital imaging, high-speed data acquisition and broadband communication
  • High-performance analog-to-digital technology for communications, radio base stations, radar, signals intelligence and test & measurement

Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

  • Board level electronics: FPGA, broadband conversion products
  • High-speed high-resolution digitizers
  • Interfaces and digital I/O boards
  • Inline surface inspection and manufacturing process monitoring




Halstenbek, Germany

  • Embedded interface solutions
  • Engineering and manufacturing services
  • Software support for real-time operating systems

VadaTech Inc.

Henderson, NV, USA

  • Board level design and manufacturing of embedded solutions
  • Solutions for processing, communication, storage and platform interoperability in the aerospace and telecommunications markets

WIENER Plein & Baus GmbH.

Burscheid Germany

  • Modular, high performance chassis with microprocessor control and low noise power supplies – the standard for Physics research labs worldwide


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